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Sirius Dark Roast Coffee

Just like Sirius ‘The Brightest Star’ in our universe, this coffee blend is strong. Sirius Coffee obtain the finest exotic blends of 100% Arabica coffee beans to produce a truly special coffee. In fact, this blend has been continually refined over a number of years and not surprising – it is a hit!


The end result is a coffee blend which is aromatic and has African currant and plum like overtones and a good balance of acidity. This coffee is deep and rich in colour, has a strong-bodied flavour and a mild after taste.


This coffee is a treat for those “Sirius” lovers of good quality strong coffee.


Sirius Dark Roast Coffee is roasted to perfection and the following are the tasting notes from our experienced roasters :

Aromatic and has African currant and plum like overtones

Good balance of acidity

Deep and rich in colour

Mild after taste


This is available in :

0.25 Kg Or
0.50 Kg Or
1.00 Kg

Ground or Whole Beans

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