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Expobar Office Control Coffee Machine

The Expobar Office Control is a domestic coffee machine which is geared towards the home, office or entertaining.


This espresso machine is fully automatic and has four programmable doses that dispense the desired amount of espresso with the touch of a button.


The commercial group, with direct pre-infusion, allows for a consistent espresso extraction and the heat exchanger, with thermosiphon, means you can brew and steam at the same time, without waiting for the boiler to ‘recover’.


This coffee machine is equipped with a commercial ‘cool touch’ steam wand and a hot water outlet, each mounted on ball joints that swing in any direction making the Expobar Office Control an absolute pleasure to operate.


Product Code :


The product code is 01600100. All Key Features and Technical Specifications outlined above relate to this product only.


Technical Specifications


Sirius Coffee International is the best supplier of Expobar Office Control Coffee Machine in Australia. These coffee machines are extremely efficient in hulling both parchment and dry cherry coffee. Reduced friction between beans prevents the generation of dust and results in minimum loss of good product due to breakage of the beans.


How does it work?


Coffee is fed through the hulling cylinder and forced through the perforated screen by the cross beaters. A powerful Aspirator then separates the husk and peels from the coffee beans.


An Oscillating screen, adjusted by steeples adjustable drive separates hulled and unshelled coffee. In the oscillating screen, unshelled coffee moves towards the center of the screen and is collected through a duct whereas the hulled coffee beans move towards the outer rim of the screen and are discharged through an outlet duct.


Swing down doors allow quick and easy access to the hulling cylinders for cleaning or replacement of blades and perforated screens.


Individual motors attached to the Huller, Aspirator and Oscillating screen ensure constant speeds resulting in optimal and smooth performance.



We are the best Expobar Office Coffee Machine Supplier and our product has amazing features that make them popular in the market. These are widely chosen by the customers for the following.


Efficient: Higher output with lower power consumption.


Less wastage: No loss due to generation of coffee dust or breakage of beans.


Durable: Four times reversible wear-resistant hulling blades provided.


Easy maintenance: Quick change of hulling blades and perforated screens possible.


Reliable: Individual motor drives provided for trouble-free performance.




Improvement in quality of coffee

Works for long without any trouble

Application Industries


Coffee Processing Industry


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Key Features


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