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Expobar Barista Coffee Machine

Expobar Office Barista Minore IV Coffee Machine

The Expobar Office Barista Minore IV is a domestic espresso machine, ideal for the home, office or catering for large parties.


With traditional styling, compact size and commercial componentry, this domestic espresso machine makes this a leading competitor in the home espresso machine market. With eye catching, polished steel housing, this is strong and elegant.


The EB-61 commercial group provides mechanical pre-infusion and is directly connected to a 1.5 litre copper boiler that is controlled by P.I.D  that maintains temperature stability.


Dual boilers allow the Expobar Office Barista Minore IV to simultaneously produce espresso shot after shot and steam instantly. This saves time and eliminates the need to wait for the boiler to ‘recover’ between espresso brewing and milk heating.


Product Code :


  • The product code is 01600108 (not plumbed in) and 01600107 (plumbed in). All Key Features and Technical Specifications outlined above relate to this product only.


Technical Specifications


If you are looking for Expobar Office Barista Minore IV Coffee Machine, you should have a look at Sirius Coffee International. We are an Australian company and provide our customers with the best machines that are needed to have a professional setup barista. The Expobar Minore is a type of double boiler machine that is used to make espresso and also has a digital temperature control in it.


The Expobar Minore and its version four have an independent boiler. You before long have the choice to have the steam radiator ON or OFF as the need might arise. This is a noteworthy part on the off chance that you need a coffee/short dull. Utilizing it will comparatively give you save resources on your power charge, and may increase the longevity of all the components.


Over time our company has become the best Expobar Barista Coffee Machine Supplier in Australia. We have served plenty of customers over the years.


What Makes Expobar Office Control Coffee Machine So Popular?


• One of its key parts is to make enduring temperature control. From faithful quality to versatility, the Minore's temperature is - no inquiry the most strong and stable open today. We are the best Expobar Barista Coffee Machine Supplier.

• The twofold evaporator structure (both with auto top off) has its significant solid areas for its warming parts - the best radiator ability to part wattage in its social event; this gathers it can make ceaselessly loads of steam in a fast power uptime. The two boilers are completely protected to forestall heat disaster.

• One evaporator is used for conveying steam and high temp water. This evaporator is obliged by an adaptable tension detail that can be changed up to 1.4 bar steam strain for more steam speed (machine set at 1-1.1 bar). We are the best Expobar Barista Coffee Machine Supplier in Australia.

• The other boiler is centred around remaining mindful of the ideal temperature of water for the extraction of espresso through the social event head. It accomplishes this with the inbuilt PID temperature regulator. This regulator is not difficult to set and participates in the upside of changing the extraction temperature of espresso relying on the mix being utilized.

• Different highlights are the 1961 course of action of the prominent blend pack (E61) that is made of metal and chromed, this party head weighs 4.2kg with no other person.

• The machine comes standard with a vibrating siphon. This is fitted with a siphon pressure controller which is convenient. (comes set at 12 bar).

• The water vault has a limitation of 2750mls. The machine likewise integrates a huge spill plate, so moderate purifying is disposed of.


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Key Features


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